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My sites were reviewed by PC Week Magazine & Windows Magazine
NetGuide Magazine (BEST FREE THINGS ON THE WEB), March 1997
And several Japanese computing magazines :-)

"This page has tons of some of the finest 3D art that we will find anywhere!! :-) You have done some remarkable work creating cool homepage logos and excellent 3D letters. Thanks Fairy!!" (Surf Shack)

"Hello. I enjoyed your site and the many animations and graphics you offered. I, UTC, and the Challenger Center appreciate it."
Challenger Center HTML Editor (Justin R. Wilkins)

"Homepage anda sungguh hebat!! (Saya nggak mendapatkan kata-kata yang pas untuk pujian ini). Sayang infrastruktur di Indonesia belum menunjang untuk menikmati sajian eklusif pada homepage anda secara lebih maksimal." (Web Master)

"I'm Fred Langa, the Editorial Director for Windows Magazine, Netguide Magazine and Home PC Magazine, and I'm pleased to inform you that your site will be the featured Windows Magazine Web HotSpot for: 6/28/96. Congratulations on having such a nice web destination!"
Fred Langa (Editorial Director) CMP PC Group

"I finally got to see your 3D letters page, and it is great!"
CWA (Surf Shack)

"Kamu punya 3D graphics bagus sekali." (Indonesia)

"Hi, just came across your website! Great looking icons and animated icons, and 3-D lettering. Fantastic work!"

"Fairy, man,i just wanted to write you and say you have the greatest grafics known to man. im not kissing up either. your place kicks total ass! (excuse my swearing but it had to be said) i get so many compliments on my page because of your grafics." (bookworm)

"I just visited your page. AMAZING !!!" (Benjamin Sabini)

"Thank a lot for offering the 3-D letter. Very impressive!" (IH)

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"Great 3D work. Keep up the effort. Good clip art is hard to find these days" (Vernon Card)

"Your page is a god-send. A life-saver. Most of the graphics on my page comes from yours - thank you." (James Klein)

"Very nice pages. I like those letters" (Clement Vaillancourt)

"This 3Ds would make a very striking header graphic for any home page"

"UNBELIVABLE!!!!!!! I was surfing the web looking for some clip art and I came across your page and without a doubt it is THE BEST WEBPAGE I have ever seen!!!! Your 3-d graphics are AMAZING!!! and then I find out we can DOWNLOAD THEM FOR FREE!!!!! I CAN ONLY SAY THANKS AND KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK.."

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"Real nice. love you form israel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (meller)

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"Your 3D page is the best I´ve ever seen!!! My homepage are so cool now! Thanx!!!! ("Daniel \"DOOM2\" Jonsson")

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"Top fair, page elo makin keren.. AYO... TUNJUK FAIRY RAME RAME.. HO.. HO.. Anyway.. Thanks "A LOT" for the casette.. pokoknya TOP BANGEEEEEEEEETTTTT DEH!!!!! Fairy,.. elo selalu ahead of others!! :-) I'm really impressed" (Sidharta Pattiasina MSc)-ICONZ

"Saluuuttt..,gua kirain homepagenya Adison, site paling bagusnya orang Indo. Tak kukira dan tak kuduga, ternyata masih ada yg jauhhh... lebih canggih". (Wilson Kusumo)

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" I LOVE your work!!! I wanted to use the letters for my business card. When I downloaded them, in GIF format, they came with a black background. I need to paste them on a white background, and print them on black card stock." (Jeff Zeitz)

"I LOVE your page! It is so helpful for people like me starting a web page. You should get a reward for this!" (Ann Tom)

"I really like the 3-D images that you have created and put on your page!"
President, Bradley World Enterprises, Inc. (Paul Bradley)

" Your home page is getting better and.. better..! Keep up the good work buddy..." (syafrin setiawan)

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Edmund Carter

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john.schippers@gbd.c (Chris)

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Matt E. Latanville

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"Hi Fairy! My name is André Dahlqvist and I´m from Sweden (almost as far from Indonesia as you can get). First of all I would like to thank you for your marvalous sites, it´s great that we surfers can download your 3-D letters free, and our only obligation is to give you credit for it."

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"Bonjour, je vous écris juste pour vous faire part de mes comentaire à propos de votre site. Je le trouve tous simplement allusinant. Je suis un animateur sur softimage et je design des sites web. Your site is very cool !."

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