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Experiences & Achievements on the Internet

  • Founded DEWA Network, Inc. ( in 1995. The first "instant submit-search" website on the Web.
  • Founded the first and the biggest 3-D Library (3-D graphics & 3-D animations) on the Web in 1995.
  • Founded BIG ( in order to let people around the world know more about Indonesia and its people.
  • PC Week Magazine mentioned us on their magazine in 1996. The best free graphics on the Web.
  • Reviewed by NetSoftware (America Online keyword: NETSOFTWARE) in 1996.
  • Founded CoolBabies ( in 1996, the first photo library for babies from all over the world. Sold in 1997.
  • My has inspired Matt Glickman to publish the new site called BabyCenter located at Now Matt Glickman is the President & CEO of Exchanged ideas with Matt in 1997. BabyCenter is a wholly owned subsidiary of eToys, Inc.
  • Reviewed by as the excellent site for 3D graphics in 1996.
  • Founded the first and the biggest RealAudio library called M-FILES ( in 1996.
  • DEWA website reached 4 million hits a month in 1997. The visitors come from all over the world especially The United State.
  • Yahoo! ( included six of our sites in six different of categories on their website.
  • Created the first Virtual Reality Website in January of 1996, transformed VRML format to the html for multimedia, interactive Website. Done this in less than a week.
  • Windows Magazine and Home PC Magazine mentioned us on their magazine in 1996. The best website of the month. Fred Langa, the Editorial Director for Windows Magazine (CMP PC Group) said quote "Congratulations on having such a nice web destination!".
  • Declared as "one of the leading locations in cyberspace" by As Ron Ziemiecki said quote "You're the best!! Your site is one of the leading locations in cyberspace, good for you and keep up the good work. You really are webmasters of the highest order".
  • Reviewed by HyperMedia in 1996 as the coolest site for animations.
  • Powered several sites such as,,,,,,,, SNT site (Semarak Nuansa Timur, the first and biggest Indonesian event in Los Angeles area),, WebDiner ( part of America Online, Inc., SurfShack (America Online, Inc), UTC & the Challenger Center,, #Indonesia Efnet, and more.
  • Registered and Copyrighted our materials to the Library of Congress, Washington DC.
  • Prepared the most comprehensive strategy in order to fight copyright violators.
  • Signed deal with 24/7 Media, Inc. formerly known as Commonwealth Network, Inc. in 1996 (banner advertising).
  • Founded,,, and in 1996.
  • Launched membership area and web hosting service on DEWA Network with online credit card payment option.
  • Founded and created 16 more free graphics sites which soon became the first and the best on the Web in 1996.
  • Received proposal from companies in Europe opening DEWA Network for European, DewaEurope.
  • Created new concept and strategy in Internet advertising campaign for Corel XARA, Ltd. London, in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. The company via Kate Moir (marketing executive) said quote "We are happy advertising on your site".
  • Supported OurCityMall in advertising and created graphics for the site.
  • Discovered new concept in free homepage field by added instant 3-D feature, drag-drop image library & online HTML creator.
  • Created concept and strategy in Internet advertising campaign for ArtToday, Inc., the biggest image library on the Web. in 1996. The company via Michael Gariepy (President & CEO) said about my ad campaign concept, quote "I'd love to do it for another two years".
  • Created the most famous channel on IRC called #Jakarta as well as the website.
  • Created so called LiveSite by including live webcam and live radio using one dedicated server.
  • DEWA Network, Inc. became the first Indonesian e-commerce site by adding cybercash and SSL on the network.
  • Associated with Submit2, Inc. Internet promotion company in the US.
  • Received proposals such as IPO from companies and universities including Harvard University.
  • Took over for one year and blended its concepts to future projects (
  • Several Japanese computing magazines contacted us and included our URL on their magazines as the best source for homepage builders.
  • Received proposal from companies in Japan opening DEWA Network for Asian, DewaAsia (
  • 24/7 Media, Inc (Commonwealth Network) and Corel XARA, Ltd included my comments about making money oppurtunity on the Internet on their websites.
  • NetGuide Magazine mentioned us on their magazine in March 1997 as the best thing on the Web.
  • Associated with NetSales incorporated ( in building a Computer Superstore in 1997.
  • As the big website on the Web, we received proposals from TRUST-E ( to become the member of the organization.
  • Associated with CardService International, the biggest transaction processing company in the United States in 1997.
  • Lycos Network, Inc. ( mentioned us as one of the best sites on the Internet..
  • Created the most amazing, creative, high-tech, cool personal website for personal purposes (
  • DEWA website reached 6 million hits a month in 1999. The visitors come from all over the world especially The United State.
  • Received lots of business proposals from medium and big Internet companies including DoubleClick Network, Inc. (, New Rider Publishing, and more. If you are an Internet enthusiast, youíre probably one of them.
  • Created new effective concept on banner system. Introduced the first DualBanner system on the Internet (
  • Created the first government community system (GC system) on the web. Created new names for webmasters such as WebPresident and WebMinisters for this so called GC system where each WebPresidents along with their WebGovernment rule their countryís portal.
  • As one of the biggest venture companies in Asia, via Vicki Lim (Stanford grad and a Silicon Valley junkie, M3 program of said quote "as a business we think DEWA Network has great potential. We wish you and your team the best".
  • I have received so many awards. You can view all of them on my site as well as positive comments from my visitors.
  • Founded NetAkses ( A sophisticated group developing new concepts and sites for Indonesian e-commerce, Indonesian businesses and services such as online property and e-store.
  • Received partnership proposal from SoftwareLabs, Inc in April 2000. ( SoftwareLabs, Inc is a big company developing softwares such as e-commerce. Their products are well-known among many people in the US. The company also signed contract with many e-businesses such as Tucows, ArtToday and others.
  • Founded concept to make the Internet acts more like television. The Internet has more and unlimited audiences while the television is limited. By adding this new concept, the netters will enjoy a real multimedia advertisings (commercials) right on their desktop.
  • Founded "When We All Can Offer a Free Homepage" service. A service host on our network (program installed on our machines) which allow people around the world offer a free homepage for their visitors. Itís the time where people can offer their great domain names to others to enjoy! Not to mention free email service from all to all!

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