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How To Use Server Side Includes

To create an SSI document, write an html file as you normally would, but instead of giving it a .htm or .html extension, use .shtml instead.

To add spices to your newly created SSI document, add tags below somewhere in the document for to display on the fly information:

SSI tag Output
<!--#echo var="DOCUMENT_NAME" --> ssi.shtml
<!--#echo var="DOCUMENT_URI" --> /usersguide/ssi.shtml
<!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL" --> Sunday, 05-Oct-97 15:09:41 EDT
<!--#echo var="DATE_GMT" --> Sunday, 05-Oct-97 19:09:41 EST
<!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED" --> Wednesday, 20-Nov-96 10:55:49 EST
<!--#echo var="REMOTE_HOST" -->
<!--#echo var="REMOTE_ADDR" -->
<!--#echo var="CONTENT_LENGTH" --> (none)
<!--#echo var="HTTP_USER_AGENT" --> Wget/1.4.4

That's not all there is to it in SSI. You can also include a file, execute a simple CGI, formatting a date, etc.

For more detailed information, consult:

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