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DEWA Network Service Contract

This contract is a requirement for signing up for a QuickShark hosting account. It acts as a written agreement between DEWA Network Incorporated ("DNI") and its subscriber ("you").

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You agree to use DNI service for lawful purposes only. Transmission or solicitation of any material which violates United States Federal, Virginia State, or other laws which may apply in this juridiction or your local area, is prohibited.
  2. You agree to hold harmless DNI and its staff in any legal action that may occur regarding your use DNI services, without limitation or exception.
  3. DNI makes no warranties or representations of any kind for its services. You agree not to hold DNI responsible for any loss that you suffer as a result of using DNI services. DNI, at its own discretion, will issue a reasonable refund or credit for certain interruption of services that may occur. The maximum refund or credit will not exceed the ammount of your payment given to DNI at the given month.
  4. You agree to obey all DEWA Network's system policies as published by DNI in QuickShark's web site. You agree to abide any and all future policy decisions.
  5. You agree not to maliciously or intentionally interfere with the proper system operation. You agree not the interfere with the proper operation of other systems reachable through the Internet. You agree to follow the Acceptable Usage Policy of any network you may happen to connect to.
  6. You agree that the contents and usage of your account is your sole responsibility. You agree not to publish any copyrighted material without permission by the copyright holder. You agree not to publish any unlawful document.
  7. You agree not to use DNI services for unsolicited mass mailings or postings. You agree that you will not use any service from any provider to make such a mailing or posting with any reference to DNI services.
  8. You agree that DNI have the right and responsibility to fully cooperate with any legal investigation regarding your account.
  9. DNI reserves the right to refuse, suspend, or discontinue service to anyone at any time at its own sole discretion.
Violation of any of the terms and conditions of this contract may result in immediate termination of your account without warning by DNI, at DNI sole discretion.

Copyright © 1997-98 DEWA Network, Inc. All rights reserved.