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Swim with the big fish. Put your business on the Web. That sounds simple and exciting enough until you're stuck with the wrong web hosting company. Let's face it, there are still a lot of people who demand fast, flexible and reliable web hostings. A customer from one of the most popular web hostings was once threatened to have their web site shut down by the host just because they received too many hits. We don't do that. QuickShark offers true FLAT RATE pricing. There are NO traffic charges like other services who give you a low bandwidth limit and then charge you hundreds of dollars more for usage over that low limit every month! At QuickShark, you get up to 20 Gigs (of data transfer) a month at no charge!

QuickShark is fast! QuickShark is powered by Multiple Sun UltraSparc® Servers and offers super fast Multiple High Speed T-3 Connections (Running at Full Bandwidth) with State Of The Art Facilities Construction such as:

  • Raised floor computer room construction concrete bolted and braced racks separate high capacity automaticlly monitored cooling zones.
  • Advanced Fire Master 200 (FM200) gas based fire protection system that does not harm computer equipment Specialized heat and smoke sensors.
  • Security breach alarm Motion and sound sensors Video camera surveillance.
Our location in the heart of Virginia allows world-wide Internet to access your Website at unparalleled speeds! Our Network Operations Center is the world's largest web server facility and the largest Internet exchange in the world (MAE-EAST Building). Located in Vienna, Virginia (8100 Boone Blvd, Vienna, VA 22182), this center hosts giant providers like UUnet, MCI, Sprint, America Online and others! The Center is professionally staffed 24 hrs a day.

QuickShark provides services for small/medium business and personal customers. By providing fast, flexible and reliable web hosting managed remotely 24 hours a day, QuickShark helps you put your business on the Web. Once you become our customer, you will be our partner. That says it all. Sign up today and take full advantage!

$25 Hosting Feature:
  • Domain Name Registration
  • www.yourowndomain
  • whatever@yourdomain.com
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Unlimited hits
  • Minivend shopping cart
  • RealAudio & RealVideo
  • Free secure server usage
  • 50 Megabytes of disk space for WWW/FTP
  • Full telnet, ftp, and CGI access
  • Unlimited autoresponder
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • Page counter and guestbook
  • PostgreSQL and mSQL database
  • PHP/FI Version 2.0
  • CGI Support (Perl, C/C++, JavaScript, Java)
  • $25 monthly hosting (+ $30 one time setup fee)
  • Multiple High Speed T-3 Connections
Simply Multimedia!™

*There is an additional fee of $70 payable to the InterNIC, the organization that regulates all domain name registries. New domain name registration fee is applicable for .com, .net, and .org domain. This fee registers your domain name for 2 years.
All subscribers are bound to our system policies.

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