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Other Preferred Search Engines

Alta Vista is a powerful search engine that covers the Web as well as Usenet newsgroups. Its simple queries are accurate, and its advanced queries offer the ability to uncover exactly what you are looking for.

HotBot is a quick and easy search engine, developed in a partnership between HotWired and Inktomi, that searches over 54 million documents on the Web.

Infoseek lets you search the Web, Usenet (including FAQs), and Infoseek's reviewed pages. You can also search within a topics database.

Magellan includes original editorial content, a directory of rated and reviewed Internet sites, a vast database of yet-to-be-reviewed sites, and a powerful search engine.

Search.com allows you to personalize the search page, search by subjects, or even use your favorite search engine. This mega-search site combines nearly all of the Net's search powers.

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