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TitleThis is the name of the song or the name of the album
ArtistThis is the name of the performer or the name of the group
LabelThis is the name of the record company that manufactures and distributes the song
BPMBPM stands for Beat Per Minute. The speed of the song
YearThis is the year when the song is first released

Song information
 Wor yuen yiFaye WongCinepoly-1995
Very romantic song
 Chen cie en Tao NiAlexRock571996
Very nice!
Nice one from Alex
 Leng te kai?AlexRock-1997
Nice one from Alex again
 yat tin yat tinGiGi LeungEMI-1997
Hear this.
 Duang farGiGi LeungEMI-1997
Another one from GiGi
 Wor shi shuiKelly chann/a-1997
Nice...from Kelly Chen
 Ai di gan juieKelly chann/a-1997
A very nice song from Kelly Chen
 Wor shi ni di shuiKelly Chenn/a-1997
Form Kelly Chen again...nice indeed.
 Ti hweiKelly Chen...?-1997
Thanks to "arkhangel".

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