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TitleThis is the name of the song or the name of the album
ArtistThis is the name of the performer or the name of the group
LabelThis is the name of the record company that manufactures and distributes the song
BPMBPM stands for Beat Per Minute. The speed of the song
YearThis is the year when the song is first released

Song information
Indonesia - Asia
 Haruskan kuteteskan airmata dipipiDedy Dhukun & Dian PramanaputraAquarius-1990
Lagunya masih enak banget didenger! Added on: June 1st, 1999
 IMPIANKUAL RIZALm prod1261997
Peanuts project one
 Masih adaR42Musika-1997
Lagu asli hasil karya Dian Pramanaputra & Dedi Dhukun
 KangenDewa 19Aquarius-1995
The first and still the best from Dewa 19
 KenyataanGilang RamadhanBLACKBOARD-1995
Gilang's best so far
 KehadiranYana JulioTeam-1990
Yana = Elfa's Singer
 Tak akan ada cinta yang lainDewa 19Aquarius-1995
Baguuss banget nih lagu!
 KIRANADewa 19Atlantic-1997
 Gerangan cintaJava JiveMusica-1995
 Tak bisa ke lain hatiKla ProjectProsound-1991
 Bila adaSophia LatjubaBlackboard-1990
 Terima kasihDMCAquarius-1995

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