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Wednesday, March 20 2019

Welcome to M-FILES. The Music Files. The Music Archives. M-FILES is the largest music archives on the Web. It is also known to be the finest place to find top music, ranging from Disco, House, Techno, Jungle, Trance, Slow, Easy Listening, R&B, Rap, Pop, Latin, Indonesian, Asian, Mandarin, Slow Rock and more. There's nothing more enjoyable than listening to good music while surfing the Net (click on the logo above to view M-FILES logo in RealVideo). This web site can only be 'heard' by using RealPlayer 10.5 at this time. RealPlayer 10.5 is free for individual download and use, let you play live and on-demand RealAudio and RealVideo without download delays. Why don't you download RealPlayer 10.5. It's worth it. It's much better than the previous versions. It's faster with a better quality of sound! Click here for more information on how to download and use the new technology from Progressive Networks.

To search the artist or the song title, simply press Ctrl+F. Then type the artist name or the song title that you are looking for, and press the find button. You can buy these songs at the music stores near you. My original media: CDs, tapes/cassettes, 12" records/LPs (vynil), DATs (digital Audio Tape), and MDs (MiniDisc). ASCAP, BMI, SESAC.

Page layout, Artwork, logo design, concept, arranged, engineered, remixed, compiled, mixed, scratched, recorded and edited by Fairy Suryana. You can find me on IRC (EFNet) at #JaKaRtA. My nick is BeatFacto. See you there.

Why do I prefer 'mono' rather than 'stereo'? After doing some research (well ok,..it's not really a research) about RealAudio format, I found that the sound it produces has a better quality in mono than in stereo. Below is the example, stereo vs mono. Hear it for yourself:

  • Move any mountain in stereo
  • Move any mountain in mono

    I guess, I know what I'm doin' :)

    "I've been waiting for a loooong time for this kind of place! I love all the music that you've got here. I like the design too. This site has inspired lots of homepages out there, by adding RealAudio on their pages. Keep on adding more cool stuff."


  • M I X..O F..T H E..W E E K !...................KISS ME (muah! mix).....by Sixpence None The Richer.
    click on the player above.............................................Remixed by Fairy Suryana '99

    P I C K..O F..T H E..W E E K !...................If you're not here (by my side).....by Menudo.
    Choose your modem!.............................................Picked by Fairy Suryana

    [The Map. Artwork by Fairy Suryana]

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