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DEWA Network is visited by both newbies and professional people such as teachers, students, lawyers, doctors, fashion designers, models, actors, actresses, webmasters, graphic designers, businessmen, government, military and many others from all over the world. Most of them have their own web sites submitted here, at DEWA Network.
These web sites are submitted by themselves. Within 9 months beginning from October 1996, DEWA Network database contains more than 200,000 URLs or web sites! (Right now Yahoo! has 250,000 URLs since their first launch in 1994). This indicates that our visitors are very enthusiastic and interested in the Internet world and the technology it provides. DEWA Network also provides the coolest and the best free 3-D graphics on the Net for you to use. DEWA Network provides service for those who want to advertise their web site using banners for a reasonable price (provide us with your own banner). You will also be given a special URL to view your statistics online, showing the number of impressions, click-thrus, and the ratio of click-thrus to impressions. We will put your banners on all of our pages! And let our enthusiastic visitors view your valuable web site.

"I'd love to do it for another one year..."
Michael Gariepy, President. Zedcor, Inc. (

"I'm happy advertising on your site!"
Kate Moir, Marketing Executive. Xara Ltd (

"It's been a pleasure working with you, and we'll recommend you"
David Danzig, Co-Founder. Charge.Com Merchant Services (

Impressions CPM* Total Price
5,000 $20.00 $100.00
10,000 $18.00 $180.00
20,000 $16.00 $320.00
50,000 $14.00 $700.00
100,000 $12.00 $1200.00
250,000 $10.00 $2500.00
500,000 $8.00 $4000.00
* CPM refers to Cost Per Thousand Impression.

Send your banner to An ad image is approximately 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high. We recommend GIF images so they can be interlaced. Animated GIFs are also welcome. The image should have a approximate total size of 20000 bytes or less so visitors don't wait long to see the ad -- this is not a restriction. In addition, a URL is needed, to which a user will be transfered when they click on the ad.

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