DEWA Network, Inc.
DEWA Network is all about being creative, innovative and experimental. We are young, hype, and full of energy in creating breakthrough innovations.
With our strategy, we're making sure that the best in computing is yet to come, despite the gloomy state of the technology industry, with a new breed of intelligent products set to debut in the near future.
Dewa has so many meanings. Dewa means god in bahasa, Buddha's mantra and Hindu. Dewa means bliss (happiness/peace) in Tibetan. Dewa is the ancient province in Japan. Dewa also means god or jiwa (soul) in Javanese & Balinese. The soul is so powerful that the Javanese called it Dewa. As Dewa represents a powerful being, somehow the word "dewa" got translated into English as "god". The famous gods are Zeus (Lord of the Sky) and Ares (God of War). They are ancient Greek Gods from Olympus. So, Dewa is a sacred word.

DEWA Network was founded by Fairy Suryana in Manhattan, New York in 1995 and was incorporated in 1996 in the state of Virginia. DEWA Network currently has approximately 175,000 hits per day, and that's over 5 million hits a month, uniquely. There are over 20 sites under DEWA Network, the latest websites are,,, and Our innovations are meant to let people feel the newest intelligent products to the maximum but easily. Our products are simply smart.

Featured on major magazines such as PC Week Magazine, Windows Magazine, Home PC Magazine, NetGuide Magazine, TIME magazine, Financial Times and several Japanese magazines as well as CNN. DEWA Network has received many awards and been listed in over 100.000 Web Pages worldwide. That is why DEWA Network is a great website for the internet promotion. DEWA Network invested a lot of effort in making better use of technology.

Vision & Mission
In the culture of digitization, DEWA Network have profoundly set a strong benchmark in becoming the global dominant player in the computer technology industry, specializing in Innovation and Information Technology.

Globalize the mindset of intelligent friendly technology and culturalize digital technology in Asia, Europe and in the US.

Mission statement
To socialize computer technology by producing smart intelligent, state-of-the-art & friendly technology products and to become the most innovative technology company in Asia, Europe and in the US.

Our Philosophy
To dream, to make it real and to keep innovate new breakthrough technology for all.

Build it as if it were your own!

        The folks at DEWA Network

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