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This is an Animated GIFs Gallery which the contents are from you who have them (animated GIFs) and for you who need them. Submit your animated GIFs here. After you submit it, you can directly view your entry/submission at our Animated GIFs Submission page. Also, your URL is searchable by our search engine. Please enter your name and your e-mail address correctly. Your name and your e-mail address will be added to our database. And our program will automatically send you a confirmation to your e-mail address.

Title: What is the title for your animated GIF?
Example: Moving car, Spinning ball, blinking light etc
URL: Where can we grab your animated GIF?
Example: http://www.dewa.com/test.gif
Description: You can describe the animated GIF that you send if you want.
Example: How to make them, tools that you used (e.g. GIF Construction set)
Or put the original author's name (e.g. John, Jason, unknown)
Invite people to go to your homepage here (e.g. come to my page for more GIFs)
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