Welcome to BIG: Beautiful Indonesian Girls 2000. The First Photo Gallery of Indonesian Girls on the Net since 1995! I created this page to let people out there know that Indonesian girls are the most gorgeous girls on the face of the earth ;)

Guess what? This page gets thousands of hits from all over the world each day! So, if your picture is here, without a doubt, you're a famous girl! Hey, don't be silly...you have the right to be famous you know...because you're beautiful :)

Listen, I did not list them from top to bottom depending on how cute and pretty they are! It's in alpahabetical order from A to Z! Also, don't forget to visit our #JaKaRtA on IRC, EFnet and meet some of the girls on this page there. My nick is BeatFacto....just message me if you have any questions or something. If you want to see the old version of BIG, visit the classic BIG (please note that I will not update the old version page anymore). Click here to see the author of this page, his friends, his loyal car & his cats playing with guns (if you're really give a shit that is). Beware, I'm not a girl :-)

Note: Kalau kamu punya foto cewe (tidak harus artis atau model) yang keren, lucu atau cantik (cewe kamu juga boleh) tolong kirim ke kami lewat e-mail. Banyak koq cewe-cewe Indonesia yang bukan artis atau model yang cakep-cakep. Page ini tidak di khusus-kan buat dilihat oleh orang Indonesia! Tujuan dari page kami ini adalah untuk memberi tahu dunia (bukan Indonesia) kalau cewe-cewe Indonesia memang kenyataannya cantik-cantik. Some pictures are courtesy of Popular-Online, Bintang Online & Febry's JPI. Nadya pix are from Nadya herself. Thanks Nad! Check out her new page here!

Sources: Magazines, Beautiful Indonesian Girls (BIGs') boyfriends, BIGs' friends or families, BIGs' themselves, models' themselves & agencies.

Hi Fairy..I must tell you that your page named BIG is really nice!! I'm a white American male and I am partial to Latin woman. In fact my last girl friend was from San Jose in Costa Rica.( VERY,VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! ). After seeing BIG girls, I think I might change my mind. They are among the most beautiful I've seen. Keep up the good work!! Jeff (Bossman)

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