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All free graphics that you find on this page are created by us. You don't need our permission to use them on your page. All we require is that you add our URL on your page as a credit. All our graphics are copyrighted. Do not "redistribute" our graphics. We do not give permission for these images to be added to any other collection or archive. Please! Thanks for your cooperation.

Attention: Most of these 3-Ds are look best on black or dark background!

If you choose to use any of our graphics, you must give the credit for us. You can just copy & add (cut & paste) these HTML fragments below to your HTML code:

<CENTER>3-D courtesy of:<BR><A HREF="http://www.dewa.com/3D/"><IMG SRC="http://www.dewa.com/images/move7.gif" BORDER="0"></A></CENTER>

You can view the result of the code here !

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