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Introducing the world's first decentralized democratic Web 3.0 app based on the real-world! It's a Social Reality platform and an exciting new trend on the Internet. Available now on Google Play Store!

DEWA stands for Decentralized Ecosystem of the Web Autonomous and is the real-world based Web 3.0 platform. It clusters its members up in countries to districts, where they originally from.

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Govern for a Better World!

Decentralized Ecosystem of the Web Autonomous

Unique Web 3.0 Platform

Dewa is a very unique app. At Dewa, you can become the president, vice president, governor, mayor or just simply an average citizen and buy the virtual land.

Travel Around The World

With Dewa App, you will learn about different cultures, enjoy viewing great destinations, virtual museum and buy NFTs also listen to local music right there from your mobile device or AR glasses.

The 5 Sectors

Browse and share on our sophisticated & well-organized sectors of categories of big data. Share your unique local street food pics to other people in the world and earn money.

What is Dewa?

D.E.W.A. stands for Decentralized Ecosystem of the Web Autonomous. It's the new innovation about the new civilization in the clean & neat cyberspace.

The platform reflects all the physical world of spaces, real life aspects & real-world global activities and knowledge such as travelling, socializing, governing, political rallies as well as culture and education. Dewa is a game-changing idea & an exciting new trend with the purpose. It's the Web platform of the people, by the people & for the people.

Dewa effectively connects the world by reorganizing the web, decentralizing the social network and clustering the global population, content, authority, server or clouds by providing the easy to browse Virtual Nations System.

This system will be running on the blockchain network with smart contract as a social security number for each users or citizens & consists the list of countries, provinces, cities to districts along with its culture, its people or population and other sectors of information and knowledge globally. Dewa apply decentralized moderation protocol and it will be led & moderated by men and women from different nations who chose to be the government or parliament and got elected democratically by the users or citizen of Dewa on the simultaneous election day.

Dewa will have peace, harmony & tolerance ecosystem without prejudice, hate speech and false news or hoax because we will have these selected responsible and charismatic individuals as our leaders to moderate, govern and guide us along the way. It's all about freedom of speech and democracy here at Dewa.


Why Sign Up for Dewa?

  • It's decentralized governance. Form your own political party, control the parliament, become the president and ofcourse rule your country then get commission from your country's earning. Govern!
  • It's democratic. Participate in the worldwide election day by voting for the favorite presidential candidates to rule your country.
  • You are in control! Create your city or space and become the governor or mayor and promote your local tourist attractions as well as traditional and street food.
  • It's decentralized moderation protocol! As a mayor, governor or president at Dewa, you have the power to edit or delete your citizens' postings and even ban bad citizens by sending them to the virtual jail. You also got a chance to communicate directly with the real mayor, governor or even the real president of your beloved country.
  • It's a big data. Participate on the social infrastructure development by providing cool infos about tourism, science, technology etc on our Instant Articles feature called 5 Sectors and earn.
  • It's the blockchain. Dewa consists of nations, states, cities to districts along with its complete catagories of sectors will preserving various of informations on servers and clouds in almost every nation.
  • It's the Social Reality! Visit great countries and travel to amazing provinces, cities and nice districts then buy some virtual land and digital assets there then also learn about different culture, heritage, history & other interesting facts.
  • It's connecting the world. Dewa allows you to easily find friends with the same interest from around the world under their name, gender, flag or nation. Just visit their country and voila!

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World's first decentralized Social Reality based on the real-world


The actual screenshots from Dewa App for Android

Interesting idea for a social app. Can't wait to see where it goes.

-Kevin Howard US Citizen at Dewa

Great ideas in just one app.

-ILIA Konovalov Bulgarian Citizen at Dewa

Ini baru namanya social media. Bukan alay2 gak penting. This is fun, educative and informative

-Norman Ganto Indonesian Citizen at Dewa

Download The Application

With both casual and high-tech user interface (UI) style, Dewa will be running on web-based and also iOS and will be available to download from Apple Store this year 2022! You can also download Dewa App for Android from this landing page now! Please click on the Google Play Store button below.