Dear visitors! After almost 20 years since the late 1995, we finally came up with the new fresh idea (yay!). It's an innovation which will become the new phenomenon called DewaNations (check out our new cool logo!). We thank you for all of your support after all these years (we mean it).

Dewa is founded in Manhattan, New York in 1995. That's just 1 year after Yahoo, 3 years before Google and 9 years before Facebook! This is what Dewa looked like back in the day:




Courtesy of The Internet Archive Wayback Machine

What is DewaNations?

Dewa has so many meanings. Dewa means Gods in bahasa and means bliss, happiness or peace in Tibetan. Dewa also means God or jiwa (soul) in Javanese & Balinese. Dewa is the ancient province and mountains in Japan and means sacred or holy there. Here, DEWA stands for Dynamic Ecosystem of the World Alignment. DewaNations is the world's first social network with virtual country concept and a very dynamic place that consists of all the nations from the face of the earth. Unlike Facebook, Google+, Path and other social network out there, DewaNations' global members (we call them citizens) are devided by their nationality. Some citizens of DewaNations will compete with each other to become the president, vice president, governor and other government officials to rule the countries, provinces or even cities while other citizens can just participate in the election day by voting for their favorite candidates or simply just social networking as usual while traveling and enjoy beautiful places and culture in other countries. You will see a lot of passions and ambitions here at DewaNations.

With the high-tech user interface (UI) style, DewaNations will be running on both Android and iOS and will be available to download from Google Play Store and iTunes App Store soon! You can also download DewaNations App from this landing page real soon. Please check back later!

                      The actual screenshots from DewaNations App for Android

Why Sign Up for DewaNations?

  • Become the president and rule your country and get commission from your country's earning.
  • Participate in the election day by voting for the favorite presidential candidates to rule your country.
  • Create your city and become the governor or mayor and promote your local tourist attractions as well as traditional and street food.
  • Form your own political party and control the parliament and ofcourse control your country.
  • Participate on the infrastructure development by providing cool infos about tourism, science, technology and so on.
  • Visit great countries and travel from their provinces, cities to their districts and learn about their culture, heritage, history & other interesting facts.
  • DewaNations allows you to easily find friends with the same interest from around the world under their name, gender, flag or nation.
  • As a mayor, governor or president at DewaNations, you got a chance to communicate directly with the real mayor, governor or even the real president of your beloved country.


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